Dec 182011

Mariah McGriff Racing LogoThe event started at 10:04 am and ended at 6:04 pm on Saturday, October 29th, 2011.  We had 6 teams compete on the 1/2 mile track in the 8 hour endurance event with only 2 teams completing all 656 laps.  There were 5 lead changes between Team Wacker (Augie Lerch) and (Mariah McGriff) the McDonald’s kart.   Team Wacker lead 582 laps the McDonald’s team lead 74 laps of the 656 lap event.

Musselman Honda Laps For Life 2/04/2010

The McDonald’s team had a flat tire on lap 240 which put them a total of 5 laps down.  Mariah McGriff drove a total of 493 laps in the 8 hours making up all 5 laps finishing 2nd on the lead lap.  The track record for the rental karts was broke 8 times between Mariah McGriff and Augie Lerch.  With only 28 laps to go Mariah McGriff set the new track record of 42.051 on lap 628.  With 25 laps to go she passed Augie Lerch, Team Wacker, on lap 631 which put the McDonald’s Team back on the lead lap.

First place – Team Wacker (Augie Lerch)
2nd place – McDonald’s (Mariah McGriff)
3rd place – The Missfits
4th place – Laps for Life
5th place – Vroom Engineering
6th place – Team Hart

This is a testament to her dedication and determination.

Thanks again for your time.

Shelly McGriff